Tina Amidon’s mosaic chapel

Installed at Annie’s Annuals near San Francisco, a room-sized reliquary chapel by mosaic artist Tina Amidon

Dwelling on things to be grateful for is good mental health practice at any time, but especially during anxious moments when things seem bleak. Right now, the world is having moments. While I’m not a person who finds comfort in their religion, I do feel deeply simpatico with the spiritual yearning that goes into the making of a church. A church of almost any faith – even one that isn’t consecrated.

For a long time, I’ve meant to write about this little chapel art piece we saw with the San Francisco Fling in 2013. Read about it here on the artist’s site www.tidalzonearts.com. Then just walk with me for a few quiet, stress-free moments and delight in some of the wonderful juxtapositions. Like it?



  1. I totally missed this at Annie's Annuals! Thanks for sharing it, Helen. While not religious either, I find much beauty and peacefulness in chapels, not to mention art of all kinds. I love this.

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