Through the Garden Gate 2011: A preview

A gaggle of writers under the tall trees


Sure, you know High Park, Old Mill or The Kingsway. But did you know the Village of Swansea is just around the corner? Swansea? Yes, Swansea – one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets. Long-time residents like to keep it that way, says garden writer Sonia Day, who lived there till her move to the country.

But you can get in the know, now, by getting your tickets for Through the Garden Gate, Toronto’s biggest garden tour, starring 24 Swansea gardens, June 11 and 12, 2011.

Yesterday’s preview showed us a number of grand Kingsway-style homes. But we’ve been assured that there are also more modest cottages, offering you the full range of inspirations and plenty of reasons to gawk. Our jaws dropped at some of the views over High Park and Grenadier Pond presented by the sometimes precipitously hilly landscape. The gardeners have also grappled with solutions for challenging slopes. And I mean slopes.

But you don’t have to put on your mountain climbing gear. Complimentary shuttle busses take you from cluster to cluster. The two-day pass is always a good deal… only a few dollars more than the one-day pass, it gives you freedom to return to your favourites next day, or spread the tour over the weekend. The event is an important fundraiser for the Toronto Botanical Garden, so is a win-win for people who love gardens. Master Gardeners in every garden are on hand to answer questions. Do ask! They like it!

This year, TTGG is a week earlier, so does not conflict with Father’s Day. Have a preview:


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