Great, great-big ‘Gryphon’ begonia

My photo is not exactly tack-sharp, but you get the idea. Begonia hybrid ‘Gryphon’ is a fabulous foliage plant

Thank you to Proven Winners for introducing me to the fabulous ‘Gryphon’ begonia, which they sent me to trial in 2014. It looks like Proven Winners has since applied its own trademarked brand name ‘Pegasus’ to this plant, so you may find it under both names, the cultivar and the trademark.

Same plant, same great features. Dramatic, patterned foliage and statuesque form (easily 18″/46 cm tall with a 24″/61 cm spread) make it a standout in a container. Add its preference for shade and soil on the drier side, and you have the perfect, Helen-proof plant.

The picture below is of my container in 2014. Foolishly, I let the frost take it that year – until I learned from a little bird (thank you Kylee Baumle) that ‘Gryphon’ is easy to bring indoors in fall and treat as a houseplant. This spring, I replenished my stock, enjoyed it outdoors all summer, and now it’s in my living room, being put to the “unkillable houseplant” test. And I’ll be thankful if it passes!

This is from 2014. I’m amazed that I took no pictures of my containers in 2015 – mixed with trailing chartreuse sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas), jumbo coleus (Solenostemon), Begonia boliviensis and asparagus fern (Asparagus aethiopicus). They were spectacular! But I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.


  1. Oh, I am the worst when it comes to potted plants – I blame the kids…I was only mediocre before they came on the scene! I've been looking for good container plants for my front porch, which is north facing and, on top of that, covered – do you think this one would fit the bill, or would that be too much shade, even for this guy?

    1. Hmmmm. That's a good question, Margaret. It might be worth a try. I'll be testing mine indoors in a north-facing window which *might* approximate your growing conditions. Check back in the spring, and I'll try to remember to update this post or write a new one with my progress, or lack thereof.

  2. I hope it does well indoors. I have a couple that overwinter in the greenhouse. They both sometimes go through periods where they drop all their leaves, kind of go to sleep briefly, and then put out a new flush.

    1. You're a funny fellow, Paul. But actually Hakone grass does make a great container plant, too. Very spilly. And you can theoretically add it to your perennial garden at the end of the season (theoretically, if you're not a Hakone killer like me). ;^)

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