Kids: Change the world. Dig a garden.

Parents of high school students likely know that to graduate in Ontario kids need to complete 40 hours of volunteer time. Some do more. If yours are still looking for ways to contribute their time, read on.

From April 18 to May 7, 2010, Change the World: Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge hopes to get 10,000 students across the province to volunteer at least three hours during the three-week campaign. Local opportunities around the city are posted on the Volunteer Toronto website, including ideas for kids who are keen for green – such as chances to help kick-start community gardens for the season.

Working in a garden sounds to me (and I double-checked with the resident teen, who concurs*) like a great way to volunteer. So spread the word, and invite the youths you know and love to dig right in.

(*The resident teen has already completed more than 80 hours as a volunteer.)


  1. My boys have to do volunteer hours to graduate from high school, too. This would be a great way to volunteer their time.

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