A simple birdfeeder stand

Like the Little Black Dress, you can dress this up or down – a simple design to emulate

Always, I’m grateful to neighbours for giving me ideas to steal copy emulate. That metal tube with its holes looks tip-of-the-tongue familiar – but I have no idea what it is. If you do, please tell us.

However, a 4×4 wooden post might work nearly as well (though easier for squirrels to climb). Drill holes for some 1/2″ copper pipe and add elbows at the ends to serve as a hooks. Done. You could pretty it up any way you want, but what a handy smorgasbord for the birds. What do you think?


  1. Love it! No idea what the metal tube is but having those pre-drilled holes is certainly handy. Now if I could only find an easy way to keep the squirrels out of the feeders!

    1. A friend suggested (and Google thinks she's right) that it's an old building jack pole — that you'd use to temporarily support a joist. That's why it looked so familiar to me. If it was smooth metal, it *might* slow those critters down a little bit.

  2. I love the bird feeder. I actually don't have bird feeders out anymore and it's because of a bear in the neighborhood. Squirrels are no biggie!

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