15 container ideas and why I love them

I could give you a play-by-play, but on an almost-Wordless Wednesday I’ll just say this about why I love them: Inventive plant combos, cool containers and display ideas, great scale (from very-very big to very-very small), a mix of enthusiasm (by some) and restraint (in others), and steal-worthy ideas.

All seen in the mild climes of Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. on the Garden Bloggers Fling. But most would be achievable in Toronto’s USDA Zone 5/Canadian Zone 6. (Click any image for the slideshow.)

See if you can tell which one lets you put a huge pot outdoors then haul it back in for winter – with little effort.



  1. Oh boy – I LOVE the one that resembles a birds nest! I don’t recall seeing that – it must have been in a garden that I missed.

    1. It’s one of my favourites also. While I’ve labelled each photo to credit the designer or source, unfortunately this blog format doesn’t retain info or allow me to caption the images. That one and the rectangular planter with the Aeoniums and ferns on the 3-legged slab table are by Debbie Friedman. Lots of great ideas in that garden – sorry if it might have been one that you missed, Margaret!

  2. I give up. Which one is the monster moveable?
    Love the variety of approaches here, BTW.

    1. It’s the huge jade plant in the huge container. The actual pot for the jade fits perfectly inside the mouth of the larger vessel – looks like a rim in a different colour. The smaller pot and the jade can come inside separately. That pot was about a quarter way down a very steep slope, so movability was essential.

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