Order in the court(yard)

I love the asymmetrical. Something in the balance of off-balance appeals to me deeply. Yet, the perfect order of a four-square courtyard can also be satisfying, don’t you think?

This garden, with its European-style courtyard, has been calling to me for more than two years. We saw it back in September 2014 on a story tour with the Garden Writers Association (now called the Association for Garden Communicators) annual conference in Pittsburgh.

Maybe it’s telling me that, while a courtyard needn’t be as formal as this one, it might be a great way to replace a lawn in an L-shaped garden space.

Plus, those covered living and dining areas are just wow. Yes, that’s the technical term.

Your thoughts?

(Click any image to embiggen the slideshow. And watch for the way to turn a tree into a trellis.)

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