Inspiration for mosaic paving

Before the snow or, more likely, the fallen leaves cover the ground, it’s a good time to squint at your paving (what Marjorie Harris calls “creative staring”) to see if there’s anything you can do better. Here are a couple of beautiful mosaic paving designs from the Atlanta Botanical Garden. [Update: Paving design is by Amanda Conahan of Amanda Elizabeth Mosaics and was installed by T.B. Penick & Sons of San Diego.]

Shiny materials catch the light from different angles

These are big – but yours don’t have to be. A single mosaic paver in the centre of the patio, perhaps?

Put on your paving caps and go for it!


  1. Hi! These are my mosaics 🙂 – they are actually called lithomosaics because instead of grout, they are installed in concrete – for BIG projects. Your blog is beautiful! And I love these photos!!! May I have permission to share your photos?

  2. Hi Helen, I work for T. B.Penick & Sons, Inc. in San Diego and we installed these LithoMosaics. Amanda is an amazing artist and we are so proud of this installation. Your Blog is wonderful!

    1. Great, Chris. I’ll update the post to credit Amanda and your company. Thanks for your kind words on the blog!

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