Eating garden tomatoes in November

Back in July, my Microgarden report mentioned some of the tomato cultivars I was growing this year. Now here it is at almost the end of November, and I’m still eating fresh tomatoes, harvested back in October.

How did that happen? I picked them while they were still green. Some, I kept in a tightly closed paper bag on my kitchen counter, checking them from time to time and extracting the red ones as they ripened.

But the ones in the picture above are the ‘Candyland Red’ currant tomatoes. Those I just kept in an uncovered bowl. There aren’t enough to provide a huge appetite. But there are plenty to simply pop into the mouth every few days for small bursts of flavour.

This tomato has been a good producer for me. Only one plant, and in part shade, so a full-sun gardener with space for this indeterminate tomato to roam would have easily outproduced me. But consistent. The picture on the lower left was taken in August, and the one on the right in early October.

I even harvested one reddish currant tomato when I took the vine down, mid-November. Mind you, 2016 has been an unusual year, with a long, mild fall.

In fact, summer 2016 was my best year ever for tomatoes. No blight, and heavy yields. Heavy, that is, until the squirrels discovered them and started treating my vines as their personal smorgasbord.

There’s always somethin’.

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