Spring is nigh. Behold, a lone snowdrop!

In a sheltered position, close to the house, one tiny snowdrop defies Winter 2013-4

A little bit of spring has finally emerged from the Polar Voldemortex that was Winter 2013-4 – in the shape of this tiny snowdrop. This is a full ten days later than the latest snowdrop sighting we recorded back in 2008, and more than a month later than usual. As if you needed telling how cold it has been.

To compare, have a look at this lusty showing, almost a year ago to the day, from Spring 2013.

Never fear, folks, spring will come. It thinks it can, it things it can, it thinks it can…


  1. Nice little snowdrop pushing its way up! This past winter has been nasty, brutish and long…my gardens are still covered by receding glaciers, lol…

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