Spiderlings. It sounds so cute.

Look who’s hanging out at my place! Spiderlings! Isn’t that a great word?

On the weekend, I found this little cluster of what appeared to be eggs. Then I noticed the eggs had legs. A (gentle) poke with a twig sent the whole bunch scurrying into square dance mode. They’re very pretty; yellow, with a black triangualar patch.

Kept trying to lure the family and neighbours over to admire them. Oddly, no one seemed to share my enthusiasm. They gave me that why-on-earth-would-I-want-to-look-at-a-big-bunch-of-baby-spiders-are-you-crazy-geez look. It was sometimes accompanied by an Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Turns out these are the spiderlings of the Cross Orb Weaver Spider (Araneus diadematus).

Last year, I captured these shots of Mum, or perhaps Aunty Spidey or even Grand’maman, also hanging in the garden. You can see why they call them the Cross Orb Weaver — see the lovely cross-shaped markings on her abdomen.

I believe we need to love our spider pals and learn to appreciate their beauty. They do good work in the garden.

And now I have a billion babies.


  1. And the orb weavers do such beautiful art while they're catching insects, too.

    I miss the astonishing spiders of the south, but that's really about it! Thanks for sharing your little babies.

  2. Yes – v. cute in the garden – less cute when billions emerge from a spot on your bedroom ceiling as they did on mine a few months back. As your friends said "Eeeeeeeeww"

  3. When I was reading the beginning of your post I could totally see it translating into a great children's book. I love spiders and it's sad that people are so scared of them. Perhaps a kids book would change their mind?
    C'mon, little spiders squaredancing? how cute.

  4. I'm trying to develop a warm respect and admiration for spiders. Although even typing the name squicks me out a little bit, since I've been archnaphobic most of my life.

    But yes, they are our garden friends. And I'm trying to learn to love them….a little bit.
    Seeing them in this small, cute size definitely helps!

  5. This seems to be a good summer for spiders. I've seen a couple of bizarre-looking characters, and web construction seems to be well ahead of last year's pace. I had never seen the the little mobs of spiderlings before, until two of them showed up in our garden a few weeks ago. But, like all spiders and insects, they make for great photo opportunities. And try blowing on the sac — it's like a subway car door opening up at rush hour.

  6. Malcolm, I had never seen the hatchlings either till this year. Fascinating.

    Stefaneer, we do need to share a little love for our eight-legged friends.

    LittleGreenFingers — if they were spewing from my ceiling, I might summon up an Eeeew or two, myself.

    Sarah, they might still be hanging from my iris in the front. Pop over and have a looksee.

    K Dilley — a book! What a great idea. Hmmmmm.

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