Urban Hikes with Toronto Bruce Trail Club

Thanks to the blog Don Watcher for this tip: Get to know Toronto’s urban green spaces through one or all of this series of inexpensive hikes. They’re like mini-staycations.

You’ll discover sides of the city you might not have known about, like Toronto’s Belt Line Trail – a forgotten bit of Toronto history, revived as a green pedestrian and biking corridor.

Get the full list of urban hikes from this link on the Toronto Bruce Trail Club site. The next hike is tomorrow, June 25th, focussing on Toronto Islands. A Belt Line hike follows on Monday, June 29th. But there are more than two dozen dates/locations to choose from between now and the end of November, including weekend hikes.


  1. I've seen this twig/sculpture/fence. It's amazing. The island is so fantastic, and so close. And when you are there you feel like you've escaped.
    Gotta check this Urban Hike group out.

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