Garden knows best

If I had actually wanted the Clematis ‘Summer Snow’ to clamber along my north wall to mingle amongst the columbines, of course, it would have never happened.

What a lucky accident that it never occurred to me to try. That way, there it is, looking bright and sparkly, like a well composed garden picture. And I can take all the credit. Shhh. This is just between us.


  1. I think the best gardens I've done are spaces that I set up with an eye towards accidents happening. If I have too much of an expectation of a result, the outcome is never as wonderful as the remarkable surprises that happen. We have to remember that we are ALWAYS collaborating with Mother Nature!

  2. I must admit that accidents are pretty much the way I do garden design. That and "Oh, I have to get this out of this tiny pot, now where can I put it?" Love this combo and am interested to be introduced to a new clematis.

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