Will fine plastic netting deter deer?

The Minneapolis gardener who installed this sash of mesh netting across her front garden bed (can you see it?) told me it was to discourage deer. I don’t have a deer problem, but it looked simple and cool.

I neglected to ask her one question: Does it work?

Have you tried this technique? And how would you answer? Please weigh in.


    1. I did some research after realizing I knew nothing about deer problems, and did see this type of netting suggested to drape over shrubs – though one source said it must be held away from the leaves. But I wondered about its effectiveness loosely draped like this. I guess the gardener we spoke to felt it was better than nothing.

  1. I’ve used deer netting like this with success in the past… usually instead of putting it right on top of the plants, I set up stakes and create a sort of soft fence with it. In my suburban neighborhood, there are usually other morsels in other yards near by for the deer to go to without fighting the netting fence, so it has worked for me.

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