Take that, winter! A foretaste of spring

Just to remind you that spring will be springing soon… because we’re just fed up with winter.


These photos were captured on Mother’s Day 2010 at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington


Drink in all that voluptuous colour. Don’t worry about the species or cultivar now.


Although the dark purple Tulipa ‘Queen of the Night’ does look lovely with her pink ladies-in-waiting.


These parrot tulips can talk. They’re saying, “Soon be spring!”


The garden is getting out its lipstick under the snow, all ready to dress up for the party. Happy Friday!


  1. Hello Sisters ! Very happy to discover your blog and happy to see spring, even if in pictures only for the moment ! I must admit I'm doing the same on my blog, posting photos from summer & spring, just to make sure that winter is soon over…
    See you soon and thank you for those vivid colours.

  2. Ha…. now you see I can't even dream of growing these tulips… We occasionally see basic pink or white or yellow Darwin tulips. If they survive till flowering time, they are over in two days because our springs, being dry, are often hotter than our summers. I've given up trying. Thanks for this joyful post! Jack

  3. What a rush! A spring elixir on a chilling night with a waxing moon. Beautiful photographs . . . especially the third and last! How wonderful it must have been to be there in person! Thank you Helen for helping me out with my Honeysuckle. I so appreciate your taking the time to share with me. Thank you too for this stunning post!

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