Toronto Gardener’s Source Ebook. We’re excited.

Sarah and I are thrilled to bits to be able to present the digital/ebook version of the Toronto Gardener’s Journal source book. Don’t worry that we’re becoming overly commercial on Toronto Gardens, but this has been such an all-consuming project for us that we really must talk about it.

The Source Ebook is us “being the source book we want to see in the world” – with every entry checked and updated, and all links clickable. There were well over 1,000 listings to check, sometimes by almost forensic methods. In fact, we plan to do a Facebook Live soon, all about the experience – and it will include a giveaway of Ebooks. Once you see it, you’ll understand how useful it can be. Can you tell we’re excited?

Imagine, a garden directory you can keep on your smart phone (or tablet or laptop) – so if you’re driving to a garden centre, you can click through to directions on the supplier’s web page, and integrate with your mapping app. And, despite the name, it goes far beyond Toronto.

There’s more info on our Journal website… and that tempting PayPal link! Hint, hint. All that help, for about the cost of one macchiato latte!


  1. Excellent! I can hardly wait. We’re talking more about vegetables now at the Almaguin and Muskoka Region horticulture societies as millennials are more interested in them and flower shows are rapidly declining in interest. We’re also becoming more linked to area market gardens and hoop houses that are developing in the area. There’s a great market up here for the journal! Some areas already have Zone 6 on south facing hills.

    1. I’m glad to hear it, Kate. The content for the Journal has broadened considerably over the years – so much so that we’re seriously discussing changing the name in 2020 to reflect that. The Source Book and Source Ebook are especially good for any Southern Ontario gardener.

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