Scrap the Honesty: Ten untrue things about us

We’re vain enough to want to play, and flattered that Helen Yoest of Gardening With Confidence tagged us for the Honest Scrap Award, in company with six very wonderful blogs. However, we won’t ask anyone to play along… unless you feel an urge coming on.

If that doesn’t seem fair to you, somehow not quite cricket, Grasshopper, then think of this as our Dis-Honest Scrap…

Ten un-true things about Helen and Sarah:

1. In our immaculate homes, dust bunnies fear for their lives. The moment one alights, poof! It’s toast, without the chance to go forth and multiply.

2. Ditto, the weeds in our gardens. You sensed that about us, didn’t you?

3. We always put off our procrastination for another day.

4. We would never think of eating a cookie. Neither of us would be tempted for an instant. Nope. Not even by Rice Krispie Squares. In bulk. It’s the secret behind our svelte behinds.

5. Tea? Who needs it! Certainly not us, the moment we open our eyes.

6. Before we hit the garden centre, we always make a detailed plant list. Having comparison-shopped, we know exactly what we need to buy, by genus, species and cultivar. That’s why we never overspend. Ever. Furthermore, we know exactly where each plant will be planted.

7. And we plant them immediately.

8. Speaking of which, we always design our plantings. Oh, um, yes. That’s right. We always design our plantings!

9. We design them in Jekyll-like drifts. Each year, we create a season-long succession of sweeping swathes of bloom – all perennials – coordinated by Pantone® colours which, naturally, match the gowns we wear on planting day.

10. At the end of each season, our tools are tuned and alphabetically filed, our plants cross-referenced by height and hue, our garden photos accurately tagged and safely archived, our cuttings cut, our seed starters prepped to start, and our never-neglected houseplants are carefully treated for hitchhikers before wintering indoors.

Which reminds me, I’m unsure why: We must do a post soon on insect scale. Not that we’d ever get it on our ivy. Nor on our jasmine! Tsk.


  1. I knew this about the two of you from the first post! You clever girls! Furthermore, I am sure that the fairies stole me from your family and dropped me in the Midwest (raised there) where they have no appreciation of Jekyll-like drifts. In fact they think Hyde not Gertrude. gail

  2. Helen .. my goodness you guys made me laugh ! I almost forgot I am recuperating from that dental surgery (I had lots of gas .. and it went on with a lot of laughing there ? LOL) .. I love the bit about the rice crispy squares 😉
    and of course that immaculate gardening schedule and planning .. LOL
    I'm in that club too ?
    Joy : )

  3. Goodness, everyone, thanks for your comments. It's great to be visited by so many kindred spirits.

    And, Kelly, of course all our bulbs are planted by October! Duh. That would've been #11. (Not.) (At all.) (Really.)

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