Spring, season of fragrant trees and shrubs

Next time you walk down the street in May and wonder, “What’s that wonderful smell?” look up. It might be coming from above, and flowering trees and shrubs. These are just three.

Lilac is the “usual suspect” when you think of fragrance in May. But there’s more.
May also brings the all-too-brief display of crabapples – many with bewitching fragrance.

One of the underestimated smelly (in the best way) shrubs is the Viburnum – not all with fragrance, but some that make you want only to breath in deeply.

The closer you get, the more you want to inhale. This display is at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Scarborough. Look at the size of the shrub in the background below! A hedge of dreams.

Go visit and enjoy the display. And bring your nose!


  1. I also love the sweet smells of spring. Had my dog for a walk and enjoyed all the smells and lovely colour combinations of spring flowers.
    So nice after a long winter!

  2. Lilacs in bloom are the most delightful fragrance. We don’t have many crab-apples in bloom in my neighborhood, but I do admire your pictures.

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