Find our missing spring at Allan Gardens

Our visit from the Galloping Gardener resulted in her great post on Allan Gardens – and inspired me to drop by myself in search of Toronto’s reluctant spring. And there it was, in all its splendour!

In fact, it was gearing up for the Easter Show next weekend, when the lilies will be trumpeting their fragrance over a display at its peak. Be sure to visit early, as the spring-seekers are sure to be out in droves.

Here’s my slideshow preview.


  1. An absolutely beautiful spring time in several climates I did love those barrel cacti. In the photo following the bride, are two fantastic rusted containers that I would love to duplicate in my garden! Speaking of brides, what a great place for a wedding; no weather woes.


  2. Reluctant spring? The last two years we've had snow on Easter! I'm surprised to find people complaining this year during record temperature highs…

  3. I got to see lots of flowers indoors at the Bsoton Flower Show, but I don't have a single crocus or snowdrop and I think the pussywillow is at least half dead.

  4. Dear Helen,
    How I loved seeing the photo of you and Charlotte, and I can well imagine the warm, moist, fragrant atmosphere of Allan Gardens.
    Now you must come visit me!
    And Charlotte, too!!

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