Lotus position, Marjorie McNeeley Conservatory

Herding 60 cats bloggers into our Minneapolis Fling group shot in the sunken garden of the Marjorie McNeeley Conservatory in Saint Paul’s Como Park meant we ran out of time to do Como Park’s Japanese Garden justice. At least, I felt so. But all was not lost.

Perhaps it’s the dry shade in me, but I heard the sunlit waterlilies in the courtyard calling. I listened, high-tailed it back, and had one of those “almost missed the bus” photo shoots.

All these flowers are actually water lilies, not lotus. But I can never resist a bad pun.

So get yourself into a position you like, and click on any image to embiggen the slideshow.


    1. Whoa! in more ways than one, Margaret. I almost didn’t make it inside. And then quickly doubled back to look at them all.

  1. “Herding cats” is an appropriate description of the Fling. It never took long for people to wander off. I’m glad *someone* got some pix of the Japanese garden (and glad you didn’t miss the bus!)

    1. Yes, Flingers take their name very seriously. We fling ourselves all over the place, all trying for the best view of a garden. I’m glad you got some pix of the Japanese garden (and also glad that I didn’t miss the bus. This time.)

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