Lucky me! I have a leaf shredder

Little did I think when I photographed this four-leafed clover six months ago that today I would be the proud owner of a leaf shredder. Lucky me!

After pining over more expensive models, I stumbled across the Flowtron Leaf-Eater online at It was $199, plus tax. Shipping cost would be the make-or-break item. It added just under $11. Lucky, lucky me!

There were 27 in stock at time of ordering. One of them was mine. Next morning, when I tried to send Deborah of Kilbourne Grove/Green Theatre a link, the product page had disappeared… and, unluckily, I assume the stock had disappeared along with it.

It arrived this morning. Lucky me that Mr. TG is so handy with a Philips screwdriver, and that I have plenty of leaves to transform into mulch. While, yesterday it rained on the leaves (unluckily), this weekend the rain (luckily) is predicted to hold off. The preliminary reviews for my new shredder say it’s very effective (lucky for you know who) but noisy (not so lucky for the neighbours).

Full and impartial review to follow (lucky you)!


  1. lucky you, indeed. I love shredding leaves. In previous years I've used my push mower…hours of work but worthwhile. this year when the push mower cacked out I borrowed a neighbour's electric mower. I was done in under an hour!!! I can only imagine the efficiency of the leaf shredder. looking forward to your review.

  2. That is good news for you! As I was pushing the mower around the yard yesterday I could hear the giant Burr Acorns being pulverized, it made me wonder if a leaf shredder could handle them…If so, then I am getting one! Gail

  3. I'm envious. I asked for one for Christmas a few years ago and got vaguely odd looks of what would you need that for? Even from my wife that rakes & bags the leaves all the time. It's like throwing away money we'd be sending on mulch & compost!

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