Canada Blooms 2020, a look at the cancelled show

If I’d known that Canada Blooms 2020 would be cancelled, yesterday when I previewed the show as tour-guide, I’d’ve taken lots more pictures. But that news didn’t arrive till after I got home. And, really, had anyone known, I most likely wouldn’t have been there at all.

Yesterday, was the day before the grand opening, so most of the exhibits were complete. It’s heartbreaking to think of all the work and expense that went into the show – not only over six days of building, but in the months of plant-forcing, planning, designing, building rehearsals, and so much more. Then everything collapsed due to the threat of COVID-19.

Hopefully, someone took videos of the show. Till then, you’ll have to put up with me and my iPhone.

This is my first attempt to paste in an HTML link to a slideshow made in Flickr, with lots of background info on the show. If you want to see larger images, click the album name at the top to go to my Flickr page. Wish us both luck!

Canada Blooms 2020

Many exhibitors are already making alternative plans. For example, the Toronto Botanical Garden is holding a plant sale at the TBG this weekend, March 14 and 15, with plants from the show shop. The TBG Shop at the botanical garden, which would have been closed during Canada Blooms, will reopen in a week after the dust settles.

I also received an email from – from whom I buy duck manure, which they now call Veggie Max – saying that their special show price would be available until March 22nd by contacting them by phone or email. Visit their site for contact info. I get no benefit from passing this info along.

Others will follow suit, I’m sure. So keep your eyes and ears open, and please share here if you discover any news.

Stay healthy, my friends!

[UPDATE: Landscape Ontario has announced the Canada Blooms 2020 awards. Check this link for more pictures, and videos of some of the gardens.]

[UPDATING MY UPDATE: To bring you this YouTube link to a drone tour of the 2020 event. Remind me to tour Canada Blooms by drone in future!]


  1. That was a most wonderful walk around Helen – thanks so much. At least we all know that the TBG plants will be available Sat/Sun at the gardens so you can still ‘go home with some’!

    1. I did get some, thanks, Anne! Now more hellebores are hardening off, waiting for a place in the garden.

  2. I’m sorry all of this has happened Helen and it is heartbreaking to think of all the planning and work that has gone into a show that will not happen .. but it seems mother nature has once again illustrated, “blank” happens ? LOL
    Sorry .. I couldn’t help myself .. I think all the hysteria has gotten to me.. you may have to delete this comment ? LOL

    1. Yes, blank happens. Too bad the blank wasn’t composted and ready to put on my garden. These days, there’d be plenty of it. ;^)

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos of the beautiful garden at Canada Blooms.It. Is heart breaking to see how much creativity, work and money will be unseen. Kudos to those who participated.

    1. Trudy, the floral designs were still in progress while I was there – which I know as a brilliant floral artist you’ll appreciate. That’s often the part of the show I get most excited about, so I’m very sad I missed it. Sad for everyone.

  4. Your thoughtfulness is so gratefully appreciated…the 1000’s of hours of work involved in the displays creations have not gone without notice thanks to your eye and heart….from the bottom of mine ..namaste N

  5. Living vicariously through your pictures was wonderful but left me wanting so much more! What a crushing disappointment this must have been to the exhibitors! Did they at least still judge the contest entries still?

    1. Hi, Traci-Anna, I’ve just updated the post with a link to Landscape Ontario’s info on contest winners that also lets you tour some of the gardens via video. Check it out!

    1. I agree, Shirley. And so very sorry for what it means to the horticultural industry in 2020, and possibly beyond. Once we have a chance to, we need to support them in whatever our means allows.

  6. Thank you SO much for these wonderful photos and a much needed spring break from all the COVID19 news and updates! We missed Canada Blooms so much and this is true therapy! I see the spring plants starting to poke through the soil although right now it’s likely just a teaser – but a reminder of what we can look forward to soon hopefully. At least we can still putter in our own gardens despite the requirement for social distancing. 🙂

    1. Hi, Elizabeth. Glad you enjoyed the slideshow. I feel privileged to have seen the work-in-progress that was Canada Blooms 2020 on the Thursday afternoon, hours before the show was cancelled.

  7. Hi Helen, Shannon here from Picamix. Your good friend Pat shared the link to this page with us. Thank you so much for mentioning our Show Special, very thoughtful of you. We love your pics and appreciate seeing the show through your lens, still makes you smile. Maybe an Annie Liebovitz masterclass in your hunker-down time! 😉 Thanks again, and wish you health and safety ahead.

    1. Hi, Shannon. I’m always happy to recommend products and services I use myself. And your duck poo (not just for vegetables, despite the name) has definitely made a difference in my so-so-so-sandy, Norway-maple-tree-root-infested garden.

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