Butterflies Migrate to Winter Stations 2019

Flutter down to Woodbine Beach in Toronto’s east end to visit the 2019 Winter Stations and surround yourself with The Forest of Butterflies (PDF). You have till April 1 to see the half-dozen temporary installations in this annual design competition, this year with the theme of Migration.

Did you know it takes four generations of Monarch butterflies to complete the grand migration from Canada to Mexico and back? That’s why we need a highway of butterfly way-stations to support them on their grand journey. Cursor over the images below to see how they build, and build on, this theme.

If you have a minute (and two seconds) to spare, spend it watching a few migrating butterflies in our video. They’re sipping on zinnias in Toronto then, in Chicago, going a bit gaga over anise-hyssop (Agastache) – two North American native plants that provide migrating butterflies with nectar food sources. And if you’re gardening for butterflies, remember to grow larval host plants for eggs and caterpillars. For monarchs, that’s milkweed species (Asclepias spp.).

Will you be visiting Winter Stations? More importantly, what are you looking most forward to growing for the butterflies and bees this year?

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