Happy New Year as 2018 blossoms into 2019

As we begin our 13th year as bloggers, we send out a heartfelt welcome to our new subscribers and fond thanks to our loyal readers! 2018 was a hectic year for the Toronto Gardens family – especially as it drew to a close, which meant we posted less often than we’d like. Alas.

Many of you will relate to the challenge of rehousing the elders in your family. This has kept us busy, particularly over the already busy holiday season. With luck, life will settle down soon.

That Virus also laid me up for a few crucial days over the holidays. Some of my bed time was spent tinkering with a phone photography app called Visionist. The example above is an old shot, but with today’s coincidental snowfall it seemed an ideal covergirl for our New Year message.

We hope you celebrated the change of season in your favourite way. Wishing you peace, pleasure, and happy gardening in 2019!


  1. I am glad you have come out the other side of 2018 and your troubles in one piece. Happy 2019! The photo is very intriguing!

  2. Happy New Year, Helen! It’s been a rough year for so many of us it seems. I’m glad you are feeling better and hope to see you very soon (perhaps next week at Congress??)

    1. We’re moving my sweet MIL into her new residence on Monday, with unpacking and related things on the agenda for the rest of the week. So although I’m signed up for Congress I’m sadly going to have to skip – will miss seeing you and all my garden comm friends. Happy New Year to you and your family, Margaret.

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