Yes, Toronto often has snow in April

Our trees were the plants most damaged by this week’s April snow and ice storms. We see the evidence in bits and pieces on the ground all around us – or, if we’ve been unlucky, on top of our cars and fences. Hopefully, not on top of us! Sometimes, fruit trees can have their flower buds nipped – and harvests suffer.

But don’t you fret about your tulips. Flowers designed to come up in the spring usually have inborn protection from sudden reminders of winter.

Looking back at my photos from the last six years, I see we’ve had April snows in three. When it comes to the pains of childbirth and bad weather, our memories tend to be blissfully short. Plants are like that, too.

Two days after the picture above from 2013, it’s like nothing happened.

What was the ice storm like where you live? Tell us your stories.

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  1. The heading Stuff + Nonsense above your title says it all! Yes we get snow in April, but rarely this late and so persistent. Two members of my family have birthdays this week, so I am going to quiz them about snow on the 19 & 20 the of April…some 50+ years of memory!
    Your follow up picture gives me hope, though. Thanks.

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