Snowdrop alert 2018

Sarah wins the Snowdrop Sweepstakes this year [Ed: At least, on our street.]. Her prize is the chance to crow over these adorables sticking their tongues out at winter. And at her sister, because my 250 newly planted Galanthus and the 50 or so already in my garden are way behind.

Sure, Sarah, you have my permission to gloat.

On the other hand, when my little guys finally do show their stuff, it will be showstopping. Look at this fat clump! And come back in a few years when the newcomers start to spread like this. Or so I hope.

How’s that for some friendly (aka sisterly) competition? Nyah ha hah!

Check our Snowdrops tag to see how 2018 compares with other years. I’d say it’s similar to 2017, “on the good side of ‘just in time.'”

How about your garden? Seeing signs of spring yet?

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