Wordless wonders for the beezy season

A post-Christmas celebration of some of Nature’s busiest creatures, bees and bumblebees (and wasps) in the great big Apidae family. Let’s recognize how essential pollinators like bees are to our planet. Please join me in a wish that human bee-ings do everything in our power to serve and protect them in 2018 and beyond.

Click any image for the full-size slideshow.


    1. I thought of you as I put this together, Janet – but your beautifully photographed post would also have all the plant and bee species correctly identified and labelled with common and botanical names. Happy new year to you, too!

  1. Memories of summer – just what we need when the cold winds are blowing! I’m currently digging into seed catalogues and will, undoubtedly, indulge and purchase much more than I can sow…happens every year so I just go with the flow on that one.

    1. Having such a small garden keeps me from overspending (or major overspending) with seed catalogs. I make up for it by being spendthrift with bulbs and perennials.

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