What have we been up to?

Phew! Life has been a whirl of whirliness since we received our shipment of the printed Toronto Gardener’s Journal. Orders had been piling up, and we wanted to rush them to the stores that had pre-ordered and get the individual orders made at the Journal’s website into the post.

Now people have started to receive their shipment, comments are coming in. We loved this one from J.G., and completely unsolicited – the crazy exclamation marks are all her own:

“I just received the Garden Journals!! They are so lovely!!! The perfect holiday gifts!”

What a wonderful reward for all our whirli-giddiness. [UPDATE: Sonia Day’s column in the Toronto Star just included us among her year’s “bests.”]

One whole day was devoted to personally delivering them to shops. You can now get yours at the Toronto Botanical Garden shop, the Royal Botanical Gardens shop, as well as many Sheridan Nurseries stores, Plant World, Book City, and even when you buy your tree at Fiesta Gardens.

While delivering Journals to the RBG, we snuck a peek at the cool railway show.

Other things on the go have been Helen’s delivery of a new presentation, The Garden of Regrets, at the Parkdale & Toronto Horticultural Societies. It was very well received, and now two more requests for that presentation have been booked for 2018. Looking forward to it!


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