More bee hotels for your collection

Wherever I travel, my eyes are sharply on the lookout for housing. Housing for birds and bees and butterflies, that is.

This summer, my little eye spied this big bee and, perhaps, butterfly condo in the Smithsonian Gardens in Washington, D.C.. With all those living options, it would be the perfect home for all kinds of solitary, cavity-dwelling bees. (Add them to the other examples we’ve collected here.)

Not only a condo, but a garden!

Foraging for all those twigs, cones, bark and other goodies and arranging them into these tidy compartments would be fun. Almost like artwork. And it’s wildlife-friendly and functional.

Hmmmm. I might have another project for my resident carpenter.

The bee version of a tiny home, just across the pathway!

But, relax, Mr. TG. See above. The project doesn’t have to be on a large scale. And, besides, it wouldn’t fit in the Microgarden.

Unless we moved the shed…

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