Battle of the bulbs on CBC Radio

Subtract 5 minutes from my 15 minutes of fame after I was interviewed by Matt Galloway in the closing segment of Metro Morning today.

It came about pretty quickly yesterday afternoon, with a tweet from – and pleasant 20-minute chat with – a show producer. We talked about one of my favourite (spring bulbs) and non-favourite (squirrels who eat them) topics. Before I knew it, I was booked for bright and too early next day, in a bit billed as “the battle of the bulbs.”

While I’ve been interviewed on radio before, it was never in the studio. And it was fun! I did feel a tad frivolous, coming right after such a serious topic as safe injection sites for the inner city. But they tell me that’s what the closing segment is about.

Not sure if you can listen retroactively on the CBC website, but just read this post if you’re curious how I’ve been winning the battle of the bulbs for the past five or six years.

This weekend, I hope my nearly 500 bulbs will get planted. And that they survive unscathed.


  1. What fun! And your spring garden is lovely. I haven’t used the product you mention, but I immediately rake leaves over the planted bulb area and soak them with the hose. It works too.

    1. That sounds like a great trick, too, Janet. I don’t have any leaves on the ground at the moment. I think the two Norway maples shading my garden must be drawing from an underground stream. They’re always last on the street to lose their leaves. Sometimes it coincides with the first snow! But a good technique to remember.

    1. Ha. I remain just a garden blogger, Loree… but one who has seen the inside of a radio studio, at least for a few minutes.

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