RBG’s Rock Garden rocks in October!

If you only think “spring bulbs” or “rock garden plants” when you think of the Rock Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, you haven’t seen it lately. In the last couple years, it has undergone a major transformation. I can’t believe it took me so long to visit, but being carless is my excuse.

Even October, it’s beautiful, with swathes of colour and texture and plants alive with late-season pollinators. In fact, my non-gardening Mr. TG declared it the nicest garden he’d ever been dragged to visited. He has been dragged to visited quite a few with me over the years.

I was saving some of these images for another post, but thought the Rock Garden really deserved a post of its own. Click any image to see the slideshow. And do make time to go visit.

Improved paths enhance the experience and make the Rock Garden more accessible for strollers or people in wheelchairs. New, wide staircases with railings help get others safely down and up.

Have you been to the Rock Garden since its makeover? What do you think of it?


  1. Loved the slide show wonderful rock garden; I especially enjoyed seeing that
    special Gingko biloba cultivar ‘California Sunset.’ Thank you.

    1. Katherine, there were a few cool Ginkgo biloba cultivars in the rock garden at the RBG, including a spreading, very dwarf form called G. ‘Troll’. One of the reasons I included that shot of ‘California Sunset’ – rather than one that highlights the variegated foliage more – is to focus on the plant labelling that makes botanical gardens such educational places to visit. Brains as well as beauty!

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