See 400+ open gardens at Garden Walk Buffalo 2017

One of our closest big-city neighbours is having its annual garden party this weekend, July 29 & 30, 2017. It’s always on the last weekend in July. As usual, all Toronto gardeners are invited.

A couple of hours on the road, a bit of a wait at the border. Then, there you are! Garden Walk Buffalo! With more than 400 gardens waiting for you to tour for free. Free. This always amazes me.

We fell in love with Garden Walk back in 2010 and revisited it in 2014. Check out those links for way more inspiration to go. This year, I get to return the weekend after the event to accept our two Silver Medals at the GWA Conference in Buffalo. I know from experience how great the gardens we’ll visit will be.

Go. No, really. Go.


  1. You wish you lived closer to Glen Villa, I wish I lived closer to Buffalo! (No, not really.) But I do really wish I could visit these gardens. All I hear about the Walk is good.

    And congrats again on the GWA awards.

    1. Thanks, Pat. As Silver winners, we’re in a similar position as you were last year for your blog Site + Insight. Belated congratulations to you, too!

  2. Did the Buffalo walk for the first time last year with 3 friends and fell in love with the event! Wish we did something like this in Toronto. I was hoping to go to Buffalo this year again but due to Trump I’m avoiding all non-essential travel to the US. I’m sure this is hurting me much more than it’s hurting Trump but one must have principles…..

    One flower we discovered and loved last year in Buffalo is the Blackberry Lily. All 3 of us friends came home, bought the plant and put it in our gardens. Mine is about to bloom!

    1. How interesting! I’ve been storing up a post to write about blackberry lily. Let me know how it does in your gardens.

      I agree it would be great, but it would be hard to do something like Garden Walk in Toronto, because we have a long-established tradition of local garden tours that are major fundraisers for the organizers. How else would they raise money? Some time ago, someone attempted Open Gardens Toronto, where people in different parts of the city volunteered to open their gardens on particular days. You bought a season pass, which was quite reasonable, but not free. But who knows? Maybe we could have a garden festival, one day.

      The great thing about Garden Walk Buffalo is how people throw themselves into it, almost on a street-by-street basis. It has changed neighbourhoods. Some of the most enthusiastic participants are among the most modest, like the Cottage District.

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