30 years, 30 gardens, Through the Garden Gate 2017

I was (regretfully) away for the 2017 preview of Through the Garden Gate. So I (regretfully) can’t show sneak peeks into the 30+ (yes, that’s thirty-plus!) gardens selected for the 30th anniversary of the Toronto Botanical Garden‘s annual garden tour, this weekend June 10 & 11.

But I can tell you a few facts:
  • It happens in North Rosedale and Moore Park
  • That’s roughly between Mt. Pleasant and the Mud Creek ravine, north of Douglas Drive, south of Heath
  • Well, technically, not south of Heath, as one garden is on the north side – you won’t want to miss any
  • Deets are Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11 from 10 am to 4 pm
  • That’s one hour earlier this year, so you have more time to visit
  • With so many gardens, you’ll really, really, really want the 2-day pass (check the link above to buy tickets online or find out where to shop in person)
  • Hang onto your wristband to get discounts on TBG membership, goodies at Summerhill Market on tour days and, till the end of June, 20% off at Plant World
  • Leave your car behind and grab transit to Rosedale Station, where shuttle buses will be waiting; parking is limited
  • Or ride your bike! Once again, there’s a bicycle version of the tour (the link above has info)
Another important fact:

This is a huge fundraiser for the Toronto Botanical Garden, which is planning to become bigger and better than ever. Visit the TBG tonight (June 7, 2017, 6 pm) to learn more about its plans and have your say. The TBG needs us!

Why go see “million-dollar gardens” if you don’t have one yourself?

A friend asked me this. And I say it’s because there’s no easier way to find inspiration, discover new plants and great plant combinations, get ideas for everything from paving to pergolas, and learn (for just the cost of a ticket) from the city’s best gardeners and garden designers, no matter how small your garden or how humble your budget.

Click any image to open this slideshow of past scenes from TTGGs over the last few years, plus a few vignettes from the TBG (including our feature image) – because the good health and continued brilliance of the Toronto Botanical Garden is what Through the Garden Gate is all about.

Sarah and I will be touring on Saturday – please say hello if you run into us!


  1. Totally agree, Helen. No matter the garden, even if it’s not really your “style”, there is always something that you can take away to apply to your own garden.

    1. I’m with you, Margaret! As I write this reply, our “You might also like” widget is displaying another post I wrote back in 2011: Everyday Lessons from Castle Gardens. I might just remind myself what I said…

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