It’s a rainy spring day, and I’m expecting

Today’s rain has been pretty relentless. But, no matter how it buckets down, I just can’t stop myself from going out, staring at the garden… and expecting things.

Expecting the reappearance of a plant planted last fall. Is that it? That? No, just another Norway maple seedling. Drat.

Expecting those colour-coordinated tulips I added in 2016 to, well, finally coordinate their colours.

Expecting a call from the compost guys, telling me when the big orange bag will arrive.

Expecting to be able to complete the mental to-do list I’ve been compiling. Whenever it stops raining.

How about you? Are you expecting, too?

[Ed: Our cover shot isn’t of my long-expected garden. It’s a memory of another rainy day in 2011 at the Bloedel Reserve near Seattle.]


  1. Yes, rain or no rain I’m out there tomorrow as some plants arrived from Veseys, and I will plant them!
    Need some advice on my peony tree!

    1. Penny, I did the same thing this morning. Wet weather like this is the perfect time to transplant things growing in the wrong place – identified during my “creative staring” session yesterday.

      The wet soil also makes it easy to pull out weeds and thuggish ornamentals, especially if like me you have sandy soil. (Walking on wet clay isn’t a good idea, as it can cause compaction. I keep to my maintenance pathways, just in case.)

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