‘Green Spice’ is a fabulous Heuchera

A shade gardener who values foliage design, someone like me, needs a healthy appreciation for the huge coralbells family (Heuchera). Hybridizers have created a ridiculously wide array of choices in coralbell leaf shape, colour, patterning, and size. Some have even put the “coral” back in the coralbell flowers. When you add crosses with Heuchera cousin Tiarella you get many more choices called Heucherella.

But for robustness as well as colour, I love ‘Green Spice.’ This accidental pairing of the Heuchera foliage and the flower of ‘Purple Sensation’ hyacinth… ah, bliss.


  1. Just beautiful – I’ve only realized how diverse coral bells are in the past couple of years. They are definitely on the “must have” list for all my north facing beds.

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