Snowdrop alert 2017. On the early side.

After all my whining observations about the early wave of spring in other parts, we are finally seeing signs of hope in Toronto. One of spring’s bellwethers for us on the Toronto Gardens blog is the arrival of snowdrops (Galanthus) in our small city plots.

Well, they’re here. Today! Or one snowdrop is, as you can see above – and glory in it with us.

Fellow galanthophiles (aka snowdrop lovers) can search for snowdrops on our blog to see how that compares with other years in Toronto. Not so soon as last year’s February 4th appearance, but not the early-April-OMG of 2007 either. Let’s say, they’re a touch on the good side of “just in time!”

A snowdrop progress report

Have a look here to see how my clump has progressed since I also whined wrote about coping with Spring Envy. The snowdrop buds are now poking their noses gingerly into the air, sniffing for the okay to reveal themselves. Won’t be long, barring sudden weather reversals, till they’re here to stay.

If you recall, I’d asked my daughter to send me pictures of snowdrops in London, England. She complied.

Snowdrops in Margravine Cemetery, near Shepherd’s Bush, London, UK.

Do you know how lucky you are?, I asked her? Yup, she said. We are of one mind.

To galanthophize (my own word, meaning “to fill with snowdrops”) the Microgarden, I have just ordered 300 of them: 200 of the giant Galanthus elwesii and 100 of the double Galanthus flore pleno. Remind me how clever that was when it comes time to plant them all.

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  1. My daughter and I went to the TBG open house this past weekend and I was floored by the arrival of snowdrops – I can’t believe that they have EVER come out this early before, never mind earlier. I’m pretty concerned about my fruit trees now and hoping that some cold weather settles in before they decide that it’s time to bud out.

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