Look at this crazy sunflower

Like this mixed-up sunflower, my November 2016 NaBloPoMo has developed a hiccup in its middle. An extra-busy weekend, a tech update for the blog that took longer than expected, and a day escorting my beloved mother-in-law to cataract surgery have meant that I missed yesterday, and have almost missed today.

Well, nevertheless, I’ll continue to try to post every day till the end of the month. It’s only me and you who know, right?



  1. Did you grow that crazy sunflower?

    BTW it’s most admirable that missing a day or two didn’t have you throwing in the towel. Soldier on!

  2. Loree, I just passed it on the street earlier this year. What did we do before cellphone cameras!?! I’m glad to have you cheer me on, as I feel like a bit of a fake now, posting for NaBloPoMo. Maybe I need to call it NoMoBloPoMo? Ah, well. The perfect is the enemy of the good, so soldiering on is what I’ll do. Cheers!

  3. I had a wonky sunflower like that once too – it was half a sunflower head and it had a big curve right at the base so that it was bent down & facing the ground instead of the sky. When it comes to sunflowers, I think the bigger they are, the greater the tendency towards wonkiness 🙂

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