Here, admire this waterfall

Hasn’t 2106 been a mixed-up year in Toronto for precipitation? I was begging for rain when summer was at its hottest. Now, when I’m eager to be out planting bulbs, rain. And I’m complaining.

Toronto had three months of drought in 2016. But look at California. According to the Pacific Institute, California might be beginning its sixth year of drought. And here was I, going to whine today about how a little rain kept me from the garden or put a damper on a garden visit this summer. Silly me, I should be embracing that rain when it comes.

Here’s the beautiful Meyberg Waterfall at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. In California! With water shortages in our future, maybe we’ll have to look at these as rare treasures. So on this drizzly Toronto day, enjoy.




  1. Yes, I know what you mean – it’s a rare year that I don’t end up complaining about something or other…too much heat, not enough heat, too much rain, not enough rain. And it persists in the winter too with too much/lack of snow. Thanks for the reminder that we should always keep things in perspective.

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