November: Beginning a month of gratitude

Toronto’s skyline from Tommy Thompson Park

It’s November. For the past few years on Toronto Gardens, that’s meant #NaBloPoMo – the blogging twin of National Novel Writing Month. Except we write a blog post a day. Just one. While that’s far less than the 50,000-word novel NaNoWriMo writers aim for in 30 days, it can be daunting.

To dull the daunt, inspired by my daughter, this year I’ll focus on a theme; one of gratitude. Sources as flake-free as Harvard University Medical School and Forbes magazine, point out that gratitude is good for us, mentally and physically. What a way to give the November blahs the raspberry. Right?

Today, I’m grateful to live in a city where nature nudges up so closely to the urban wilderness. Yes, cities can feel wild, don’t you think? Nature, on the other hand, if not civilized can feel more civil; kinder, more welcoming. So thanks, Toronto, for Tommy Thompson Park. Walking to the lighthouse at the tip of the Spit is as good as a trip to the country – with a potential botany lesson every few feet.

I don’t know whether I’ll make my full 30 days of posting, as two business trips are looming on the horizon. I do know I have many things to be grateful for. Looking forward to sharing some with you.

What are you grateful for right now? I’d love to hear.

[Update: Thanks to Torontoist, which today posted this reference to Toronto’s Environmentally Significant Areas – Tommy Thompson Park being one. Check out the second link to see an interactive map of nature near you.]

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  1. Well, I'm grateful for your blog and I'm sure many others will agree! Walking along the Spit is wonderful, hard to believe the hustle of the city is just across the water within sight.

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