A bouquet for my garden

Thank you, garden, for not being perfect.
Thank you for putting up with my sloth.
Thanks …for managing to survive, despite my sloth.
For reminding me to overcome it.
Thank you for offering up continual surprises. Like roses in November.
For those sweet doses of happiness, from spring to spring.
For showing me what doesn’t work. And thank you for urging me to learn from my mistakes.
Thank you for letting me explore my creativity.
For teaching me about nature through the eye of a camera. Thanks for pollen grains on a bee’s knee.
Thank you for letting me play with you, even indoors.
For feeding me and my family. For feeding the bees and butterflies. For calling to the birds.
For giving me the chance to talk to my friends and neighbours about gardening.
For giving me things to share with them.
Thank you for supplying this fall bouquet. I love that it will last forever, right here.

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