Red and white garden for Canada Day

A cottage garden feel in the colours of the Canadian flag (with sunshiny touches of yellow). And a matching red door.

Just in time for Canada Day, a Leslieville garden full of ephemeral red poppies and what look like common ox-eye daisies. This stopped me in my tracks as I passed. Happy, happy Canada Day!

Patriotic or not, what a glorious combination!
It’s hard to see from the photograph, but these are two shades of red. The one on the left has more blue.
These pics are the best I could do with my phone camera – still, I hope they communicate the loveliness of this display.



  1. Now that the Fling is over, and finally you have time to start blogging again yourself! I've enjoyed the last few posts. Happy Canada Day to you and Sarah.

  2. You can't go wrong with red poppies, they stir the soul. Add some blue salvia and you could honor your friends in the USA (or France or Russia, for that matter).

    1. I suspect they were going for a colour-match with the door. We just happened to walk by at an opportune time, patriotically speaking.

    1. That would have been something to see. Meadows are harder to maintain that one would expect. It takes a lot of sowing and weeding to keep them looking "natural."

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