Gardening can be like a marathon

In winter, I walked past this snowscape on Unwin Avenue (shown through the lens of the Waterlogue app)

Spring and fall are the big work seasons for gardeners. They’re also when my other hobby messes up my gardening life. I’m a power-walker. Since 2003, I’ve averaged 3.27 half marathons a year, in spring and/or fall. So when others are planting or raking, I’m likely training for a race, too.

Though some power-walkers, like my husband Mr. TG, are freakishly fast, we aren’t like runners. We cover the same 21 km or 13.1 miles as they do; it just takes us longer. You might say we’re the true endurance athletes, and we have time to think. Like about the similarity between my two “sports”.

In both cases, you need to put in the miles. In both, you’ll sometimes hit the wall. Persistence wins.

In spring, you might find us training on the Leslie Street Spit. I’m often way at the back, looking at plants and taking pictures – and staring aghast at invasive species.
One of our favourite walking destinations in any season – a summer turnaround at Rosetta McClain Gardens in the Bluffs
Fall training might take us through the grasses at Woodbine Park. They look great in winter, too.

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