Snowdrop alert, March 2015

Do a little “Where’s Waldo-ing” on this photo, and you can see masses of happy snowdrops, finally welcoming spring.

Yes, Toronto, there are snowdrops! This year, Sarah won the local snowdrops sweepstakes, with a handful blooming by her drive. Mine are mostly hibernating. But look, look, look at these in a Riverdale garden on Saturday! It has been a long, cold winter (especially February 2015, the coldest in 140 years), but snowdrops say spring has arrived, and none too soon. Do you have snowdrops yet?

Here’s a closer view. Do you see their smiling faces? (Plus a smart gardener who knows to leave the leaves!)


  1. Hi there, I was wondering if you know where I can find snowdrops bulbs. I've been looking for them for many years, tried the spring flower show, can't get them anywhere.

    1. Hi, Christina, Snowdrop bulbs are best *either* planted "in the green" — meaning: from divisions of existing clumps while the leaves are still on the plant. Or they can be planted as bulbs in the fall, as quickly as you receive them.

      A great option is to use a Canadian mail-order company (if you're Canadian) such as or Place your order early, and they'll be mailed to you at planting time. Get them into the ground as soon as possible after they arrive, as snowdrops particularly have thin skins and can dry out quickly.

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