Not all Ipomoeas look alike

The one with the red star and the feathery foliage is Ipomoea quamoclit

Oh, botanical names. How you confuse us! These two climbing cousins have a network of colliding names. One (with star-shaped flowers) can be called cypress vine (Ipomoea quamoclit but also Quamoclit pennata). The other one (with multiple tubular florets) can be called Spanish flag (Ipomoea lobata but also Mina lobata or Ipomoea versicolor or Quamoclit lobata). Got that?

It’s as if they put all the names in a paper sack, shook them up and tossed them on the table like Scrabble tiles to see where they landed. To top it off, they’re cousins! And they don’t look at all alike.

The one with the arrowy foliage and the two-toned flowers is Ipomoea lobata
Or you can just call them cool

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  1. Hey Helen! Nice blog and how timely! I have noticed the cypress vine around but no one seemed to know its name. And…presto…here it is! I will be coming to Toronto in June…my first fling…and I love Toronto so I am super excited! See you there! ~Julie

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