Glass underfoot in the garden

A close-up of the bottle paving in Portland-area Bella Madrone garden

There’s something magical about glass, isn’t there? Even when we can’t see through it or when light can’t penetrate from behind (like a stained glass window), it still manages to capture the light. As we approach the time of dull days, I like to contemplate bright things. Must have a bit of magpie in me.

Going through my photos from the Portland Fling in July 2014, the phrase “glass underfoot” was running through my head. Here are a few reasons why, for your inspiration and… enbrightenment.

The creators of Bella Madrone make a virtue of repurposing
As I trod this arched pathway at Bella Madrone, I’m sure I heard angel choirs sing. But I also looked down…
…where each glass-studded step beneath the arches had a turquoise glow all its own. Even in the shade of the trees.
An antique glass doorknob and glass scarabs marked the centre (or center, for you American spellers) of the spiral patio in the Fuller garden. See the full effect of the spiral in our post about chairs.
Living next door to a glass artist gave the Fullers both inspiration and materials to add glass touches all around.
As a collector of beach glass, I spotted the glass gravel right away.
Glass can add a subtle touch, too. Here’s an idea you might not spot at first glance.
Glass chunks – beautifully colour-matched to the foliage of the “peanut butter plant” (Melianthus major) – are interspersed with small pots of succulent rosettes the base of the large planter above.


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