Wind and snow on winter grasses

More blow than snow on this first snowfall of Winter 2014 (well, technically Fall). An almost-wordless Wednesday tribute.



  1. We planted some Miscanthus giganteus and totally love it. Had to stake and tie it due to wind this year but the flowers are lovely. They remind me of fire works in ultra-super slow motion.

    1. They are very decorative. These ones I pass almost daily in a neighbour's yard. I like to watch them change through the seasons. In some areas, regretfully, they can be an invader, but not in our immediate neck of the woods.

    1. Brandon, last winter, these very grasses in my neighbour's yard were flattened like pancakes by the ice storm. When the ice melted, they bounced back up again. It was pretty impressive. My garden's too shady for most grasses, but I always admire them in OPGs (other people's gardens).

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