My pineapple sage is ready for the hummingbirds now

Isn’t it splendid? This November display of scarlet pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) is massive

As long as the hummingbirds are wearing their woollies – or are indoors in my dining room – there’s pineapple sage aplenty for their nectar-sipping needs. This Salvia elegans really only got going just before the weather threatened frost. I worried it would be cut down by cold just as it was setting buds.

But look at it now in mid-November! Yesterday, I ran out as the first snow started powdering down to rescue whatever blooms I could. They’re now in a couple of vases indoors. But, despite weather that felled plenty of other plants overnight, the last few sprigs of the salvia are still looking pretty spry.

So, come on you hummingbird wimps. Shake a wing and get over here.



    1. I tempted fate, Jean. Last night, after writing this, the temperature dipped and finished off the sages. But there's still joy for the hummingbirds in a big vase indoors.

    2. Too bad the pineapple sage just doesn't work for the hummers in our climate. The flowers would be so perfect for them, and started I growing it precisely for that reason, not realizing the bloom time didn't coincide for the time our hummers are here. I did get some blooms on mine too this November, (a couple of measly ones) but nowhere near what you got, Helen. Dug mine up before the big frost.

      Now I'm looking for things to do with the leaves, they really are a special scent that is very pineappley.

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