Garden bloggers, take note (especially you Canadians)

“The Fling” comes to Toronto, June 5-7, 2015

You might have seen garden bloggers mention it over (and over and over) the past few years and wondered, “What the heck is the Fling?”

Well, it began in Austin TX back in 2008, with a few online garden blogging friends getting together. It was spring, hence Fling. Like most things gardeny, it grew – to become an annual event with about 80 attendees.

In 2015, the Garden Bloggers Fling is coming to Toronto. As I’ve often been one of the very few Canucks Flinging, and as one of 2015’s organizers, along with Lorraine Flanigan of City Gardening Online and Veronica Sliva of A Gardener’s World (and thanks to my sister Sarah for the graphics) I want to be sure that Canadian bloggers know about it. The Toronto Fling will be the first to be held outside the U.S.

That first Fling took people to notable private and public gardens in the host city. Every one since has done the same, in Chicago, Buffalo, Seattle, Asheville, San Francisco, and Portland. Now us. We’re doing three full days in Toronto, with an optional Niagara day. It’s going to be fun.

Are you ready? We hope to announce registration in November. Last year’s Portland event sold out in one week. Check this link for news as it happens, or join the Garden Bloggers Fling Facebook group.

Of course, as a writer, that grandfathered missing apostrophe on Bloggers’ does bug me. But then that’s something it has in common with Tim Hortons. Think of it as a Canadian connection.


    1. Pat, we have no way of knowing for certain how quickly the event will fill up. But, last Fling, the places filled very quickly, and there was a long waiting list. How many people will cross the border for the Toronto Fling is unknown, and this is the first time the event has opened its registration so early. However, if you do want to be sure of a place, please book early. Our numbers will be limited to the seats on the buses that we can manage, so about 75-80 people. Hope you can make it!

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