Easy garden art: A pair of chairs

Two chairs: Here, they’re sculptural (Bella Madrona garden)

What’s a chair but a piece of art you can sit on? Two-by-two, chairs are the perfect couple – invitations to conversation and affordable, form-meets-function focal points for your garden.

Take a seat – from three great gardens in Portland. Which is your fave?

Café-casual. Cappuccino, anyone? (Bella Madrona)
A little more classical. (Bella Madrona)
Simple lines that complement the artful paving (Fuller garden)
Salvage chic (Bella Madrona)
Colour-matched contemporary (Ernst garden)
Cozy. Toast me a marshmallow, will you? (Fuller garden)



  1. I loved all the invitations to take a little time out scattered throughout so many of the Fling gardens. You're right – chairs do define their own space! Nice post!

  2. I enjoyed these pictures as well
    Have a couple of nice posts in my gardens to sit Three spots actually But find if I sit for more than a few minutes I feel guilty and see this need doing or that
    and up I get to do so

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