Every garden needs more dinosaurs

Dippy the Diplodocus outside Pittsburg’s Carnegie Institute near Schenley Plaza. You might
be forgiven for thinking (as I did) this was a Brontosaurus aka Apatosaurus. Nope, it’s notasaurus.
But we’re right in thinking it’s a grand addition to the gardens.
┬áThese large-scaley critters make common-garden lions and angels seem positively, well, prehistoric. Wouldn’t you love to have one? Now fess up. You’re among friends here. [UPDATE: Forgot to link to this adorable site from the Royal Ontario Museum, found when researching dino IDs. Cute, eh?]
A T-Rex with a technicolour dreamcoat of foliage and flowers in Ava Davidson’s Pittsburg garden. As we were here with busloads of avid photographers at the Garden Writers Symposium, this “dino solo” shot required patience and a quick shutter finger. Dino was possibly the subject of more selfies than Rob Ford. Doesn’t that gorgeous slate roof look like dino hide, too?
But who needs to go large? A diminutive (and, of course, colour-coordinated) Pterodactyl hiding in the Floramagoria garden.


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